Zombie Chaos Book 2 – Highway to Hell

Out of the frying pan… into the fires of zombie hell!

“Joe is an overweight, out of shape, slightly misanthropic protagonist – in other words, a hero for our times. Rick Grimes he ain’t… “ – Amazon customer review

Getting out of undead-infested New Orleans was only the first step. With our cat, Azazel, in tow, I have to make it another eighty miles to Baton Rouge, where I hope to find my wife, Clare, still alive.

But the road to good intentions is soaked with blood, brains, and zombie goo. After all, the Big Easy outbreak isn’t an isolated incident, and I’ll be forced to drive the zombie-mobile through an assortment of highways and byways crawling with the undead. Of course, it might be the living that pose the greatest threat. Just love me some humanity… not.

Highway to Hell is the second book in the Zombie Chaos series, a post-apocalyptic tale filled with graphic language, graphic gore, and, naturally, graphic snark.

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