Well, if you’re reading this, you have survived so far, during this Zombie Chaos. Good for you. Obviously the government shut the internet down after day 10 of my original postings. Shit didn’t hit the fan for another week. And yes, I was caught off guard when it happened earlier that I thought it would go down… oh well, still breathing.

All of the comments that people left, seem to be gone but the original posts are there. I wonder if the I-World Initiative version of the internet will still have porn? I digress.

I’m not sure how much I will blog. I am planning to release a record of my travels. Lots of bad shit happened on the way up here (yes, I made it to Northern Michigan… but not everyone did). I’m also sure there will be more half-assed adventures to come. Visit the Story section to check out Zombie Chaos. You can also visit the Survivors section to stay up to day on what we’re doing.

Stay safe and good luck!

Joseph Daniels signing off