While the German Chancellor was on TV declaring a State-of-Emergency, her husband was clearly infected and trying to get to her. So, I think the guards shooting her husband in the head on live TV, will be the last broadcast out of Germany. Who still thinks this a flu?

I’ve downloaded and backed up every kind of how-to, I possibly can. I’ve saved videos on gardening, building a gasifier (which I purchased and had sent up North), making antibiotics. I’ve also purchased enough fish antibiotics to last a family of ten years… it is quite literally the same stuff you take, so don’t get grossed out. Come on, the fucking zombie apocalypse is coming, no time to get squeamish.

The van is now fitted with some bad ass solar panels… will help keep her in power. Also, I’ve downloaded every map and am using a cool app I thought up (and my partner, Samir, built) that allows me to insert the gps coordinates in after adding a map… so when the internet goes down, I won’t be relying on googlemaps.

I dropped $6K on a small device (I don’t even really know how it works) that will allow me to take natural gas and compress it to the PSI we’ll need it at to use as fuel for the generators. Oh yeah, and I thought a second generator would be a good idea. Also have the conversion kits to run them on natural gas. There is a huge pump, which yes, we don’t own, but once the shit hits the fan I don’t think the giant company who owns it, will be coming back. So we should have fuel for, well, forever. Trying to figure out a way to convert vehicles into natural gas, obviously it can be done as I’ve seen city buses running on them. But, we do have a backup. My father purchased a thousand gallon tank and filled it with gas last year when gas prices were so low. It’s also filled with some high power preservatives to keep it good. He wasn’t prepping for anything other than higher gas prices, but in the end it was a good thing.