We, on the advice of a reader (thanks Kevin), are also getting an assortment of other weapons that won’t require bullets.

Shot my first crossbow today and man is it cool. Clare loved it as well. We also purchased a wide assortment of knives, axes, machetes, and anything else we thought could kill a zombie. Kirk, thanks for the advice on buying bows, but we didn’t need to pick any up. My father was a bow hunter for years and has quite a few stored at the house we’re going to.

Speaking of parents. My dad told me he shot a 78 yesterday… he’s a fanatic when it comes to playing golf… not bad for a guy in his mid-70s… of course I’ve been trying to get he and my mom to leave Florida and head to Michigan… they don’t seem to understand the seriousness of the situation. My brothers both think they’re in denial. Oh, and everyone received the shortwave radios I sent. Mom said, “thank you dear, that was sweet”. Sigh

Clare has been trying to convince her mom, who live is Baton Rouge, to come with us. She thinks I’ve brainwashed Clare. Oh well, more food for us.

Speaking of food, we’ve been having box after box of K-rations sent to the house. Of course I know we’re not going to be able to survive on that, so we’ve dropped over a grand on seeds and other gardening gear. I know, you probably don’t think I can grow anything… but I have been growing a garden, every summer, for the last 10 years. Sometimes successfully, other times not. Gonna have to get good at farming.