First, obviously you all are aware how bad it’s getting out there. That guy who posted the youtube video from Turkey, had it taken down almost immediately. I caught it, it clearly showed a young girl eating her grandmother. Isn’t that just too precious. 

I raised, mostly through honest dealings, $39,000. That, of course, was with selling my car and getting all of the credit cards… and hocking a few things at a pawn shop. Funny thing is, when this does hit, there will be no need to pay back the banks for the credit card debt… so there’s that.

On the prepping front, we went to a gun shop that had a good supply of weapons. We bought a bunch. Shotguns, handguns, and a few that the proprietor would not appreciate me advertising. Also, Clare and I practiced on their range… we’re both crap at shooting, but I’m going to practice every day if I can.