The last images we saw from the UK were of riots in the streets of London. It was hard to tell from the footage, but I’m sure there were zombies attacking people in those mobs. The Prime Minister and the Royal Family had all been flown to Scotland when the breakout started. Of course, to explain everything that was going on, our now government controlled media said that terrorists had taken advantage of the pandemic and were attacking targets in London. Then they too went dark.

It is so weird being here in the U.S. Other than a small group of people that are talking about the world falling apart, it’s like nobody cares. I walk around the city and it is business as usual. OK, I do see the occasional person wearing a surgical mask, like you used to see when the Asian Flu hit… but not many.

Wake up people, this is truly the end. Soon it’s going to be here in the U.S. and unless you’re prepared, you are going to die. Wake the fuck up!

In other news, Clare is trying to borrow a friend’s car to drive to Baton Rouge. She wants to convince her stubborn mother that she should come with us. Rrrrrrr. The woman never liked me, the idea of having to deal with her through all of this, turns my stomach almost as much as the fact that the undead are coming. Clare is going to spend a few days there. She doesn’t want to be around here on Halloween… said it would make her too sad. I understand completely, it was always one of our favorite days… but the idea of seeing a bunch of crazy people, dressed up as nurse hookers and super hero porn stars (we are in New Orleans) is thoroughly depressing, especially since they’ll all likely be dead soon.